Which items consist of asbestos

Which things contain asbestos?

Asbestos Products
Asbestos-Containing Products Still Position Dangers

Asbestos fibers are strong, durable, as well as withstand warmth, acids, as well as friction. They are essentially unbreakable. Because of these helpful physical buildings, asbestos fibers were often integrated with various other products for usage in thousands of commercial, maritime, auto, scientific, and also structure items. The following list shows the variety of products that can have asbestos:

Insulation (Pipeline, central heating boiler, corrugated air-cell, breaching, and block insulation; HVAC air duct insulation; sprayed-in insulation; blown-in insulation; thermal paper products; electric wiring insulation).
Fireproofing/Acoustical Appearance Products (includes acoustical plaster, attractive plaster, distinctive paint or layers, fire coverings, fire curtains, fire doors).

Fabric and also Fabric Products (includes blankets, safety fabric treatments, garments, asbestos gloves, threads, cables, yarns, braids).
Spackling, Patching & Insulation Substances (consists of caulking, putties, joint compounds, adhesives, tapes, thermal taping compounds).
Gaskets and also Packagings (consists of high-temperature gaskets, packagings for commercial items, high-pressure packaging, asbestos packaging strengthened with steel or copper cord).
Asbestos-cement Pipeline and also Sheet Material.
Tiles, Wallboard, Home Siding, as well as Roofing (includes roofing shingles, roof really felt, base flashing, cement wallboard, concrete exterior siding, ceiling tiles as well as lay-in panels, asphalt flooring tile, vinyl floor ceramic tile, plastic sheet floor covering, floor covering support, plastic wall surface coverings).
Friction Materials (vehicle and railroad brakes as well as clutches).
Vermiculite (made use of in some horticultural potting blends, brake pads, acoustic floor tiles, insulation).
Research laboratory hoods as well as table tops.
Asbestos may additionally be found in lift brake footwear, lift devices panels, ductwork, electrical panel partitions, electrical fabric, cooling down towers, as well as blackboards (Environmental Protection Agency Area 6 Overview).

Asbestos Consumer Products.

Asbestos has been made use of in residence appliances (coffee pots, toaster ovens, irons, snacks poppers, and crock pots) and in portable heating units, portable dish washers, wood-burning cooktops, and also gas-fired attractive logs. Until 1980, asbestos was had in many portable hair clothes dryers. These are but a tiny tasting of the thousands of products which contained asbestos.

A lot of these asbestos-containing products are still being used. Some older appliances, including toasters and irons, have also been gathered as antiques. But their frayed electric cables, asbestos-covered electrical and heating elements, as well as asbestos-containing insulation present dangers to customers and to the residence “diy” technician. See Consumer Products for even more information about the hazards of asbestos-containing customer items.


More than 3,000 things used are recognized to have actually included asbestos. A lot of these asbestos products were in the structure sector.
Reputed brand for asbestos consisting of developing products:

Apartment, profiled in addition to grained sheets containing asbestos
James Hardie
Hardiflex (exterior).
Hardiflex (striated).
Versilux (pre 1977).
Villaboard (post 1977).
Log Cabin.

Durabestos Moulded Wall surface panelling.
Durawall N.
Durawall S.
Rib Wall.
Log Cabin.

Coloured in addition to formed sheets having asbestos.

Hardigrain (Shades: hill ash, blackwood hardwood grain) Duradec.
Colorbord (ordinary colours).
Tilux (formed).
Hardipanel (stucco, fiesta, sierra).


Corrugated sheets consisting of asbestos.
James Hardie.
Super 6.
Need corrugated.

Old layout corrugated.
New deep corrugated.
Demand corrugated.

Pressed sheets consisting of asbestos.
James Hardie.
Pressed A/c (6, 9, 12, 18 & 24 mm).

Underlay having asbestos.
James Hardie.
Ceramic tile underlay.
Plastic & cork underlay.

Weatherboarding having asbestos.
James Hardie.
Hardiplank smooth.
Hardiplank timber grain.
Hardiplank cross cut.
Hardiplank rusticated.
Hardiplank old design.
Hardiplank weatherboard.

Wunderplank smooth.

Note: this is a list of the common items just; it is not a full list.

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