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 Fatigue in patients

The word fatigue means the shortage or absence of energy that override the capability of patients to function and can result to mental disorder. Fatigue symptoms are weakness, exhaustion, extreme tiredness, weariness, etc. There could be psychological and emotional symptoms also in addition to the above mentioned. patients may suffer from acute or chronic fatigue.


Acute fatigue usually have symptoms which begins and ends very quickly, and such symptoms are usually short-lived. Chronic fatigue symptoms usually stays for a long period.

Fatigue are seen in large portion in mesothelioma patients and those who had mesothelioma cancers in the past, or which may be as a result of other cancer-related factors. Some of the common factors are pain, medications, diet, weight loss, difficulties in breathing, insomia, anemia, flunctuating hormones, and tumors.


Emotional depression may also result in fatigue. Other factors are anxiety, and distress which comes either from direct result of mesothelioma treatments, the mesothelioma cancers, or as a result of psychological effects directed to the diagnosis of the cancers and the mesothelioma treatments used.

Fatigue may also come from mesothelioma treatments, like radiation therapy or chemotherapy. A high degree of energy from the body is required in radiation therapy to repair tissue, that can expend or use up the energy supply of the body.

Fatigue may also come from the effect of chemotherapy, where the patient can suffer from nausea, vomiting and loss of weight, and reoccuring fatigue as a result. Poor appetite or dietery factors may also cause fatigue as the cancer may require the body to need more nutrients. The patient may not be feeding well so as to get the essential nutrients, which could be as a result of the cancer, or other cancer-related reasons.

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